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MCC of Charleston

Gay Friendly Church in Charleston, SC

7860 Dorchester Rd.
North Charleston, SC 29418
Phone: (843) 760-6114


Metropolitan Community Church of Charleston is an exciting church where you will experience acceptance and love.  We are one of the decades' fastest growing churches in our denomination.  Our current location on Dorchester Road was purchased in 1997, and we have room for expansion.  Our church was awarded the UFMCC's "Distinguished Lay Leadership" award in 1993.

 We hope you join us soon!


Our church is affiliated with the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) whose mission statement reads:

"The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches is a Christian church founded in and reaching beyond the Gay and Lesbian community.  We embody and proclaim Christian salvation and liberation, Christian inclusivity and community and Christian social action and justice.  We serve among those seeking and celebrating the integration of their spirituality and sexuality."

UFMCC has over 44,000 people in over 300 churches in 17 countries.

Who We Are

MCC Charleston is a truly unique church because our doors are opened wide for ALL God's people.  What ultimately distinguishes us from other churches is not just our outreach to the lesbian and gay community, but the following philosophies that we practice.

The richness of MCC Charleston is that we seek to be a truly inclusive church.  We believe that "God so loved the world," and we try in every way to consistently reflect the belief that this means everyone.

In everything that we do and say we are careful that we do not exclude someone because of their gender, race, age, physical challenges, social-economic status, or sexual orientation.  To that end, our passion to be inclusive is manifested in our commitment to build a church for ALL people.

MCC Charleston practices inclusivity for the following reasons:

    * Fencing people out or implying that they are inferior by our words, actions, or barriers is sinful and unchristian.
    * The Gospel of Jesus Christ is inclusive.  That is truly the heart of the matter.
    * God is historically, theologically, and experientially both masculine and feminine, and we will not be robbed of knowing the fullness of God.
    * It is the policy of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), and we are a full and faithful part of that movement.

Everyone Is a Minister
The disciples clearly understood that they were not called to only listen to the Word but to preach, teach and minister to the church as well.  Christianity is our call to ministry.

Anyone is welcome to attend MCC Charleston as long as they wish without becoming a member.  When a person feels that they are ready to be a member, we expect that they are making a commitment to be in ministry through this church.  There are many ways to serve God in this church, but they cannot be done without people who heed Christ's call to "follow me."

Christian Caring
MCC Charleston strives to fully express our Christian commitment by reaching out to people in their need, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

In a world filled with brokenness caused by prejudice, poverty and disease, there is a tremendous need for the caring we as a community can provide.  Through our various Active Ministries the hungry are fed, we minister to the sick and suffering, spiritual counseling is provided, and the spirit of Christ is seen as the church reaches out to care for others.


The members of MCC Charleston come from a wide range of denominational backgrounds, yet we have discovered that what we share is stronger than our differences.

"God isn't finished with us yet!"

Growth is a process of becoming and if the past several years are an example, this millennium is going to be great.  As individuals and as a church, we know that God is still at work enabling us to grow and mature.  We would be honored if you will join us in this process of becoming.

What We Offer
    * Worship on Sundays at 11:00 am and at other special times, such as Christmas Eve and Holy Week
    * Educational programs: occasional workshops and classes on both spiritual and practical topics
    * Socials: occasional dances, picnics, outings, potlucks, etc.; great for getting to know us better and making friends.
    * Life Journey Ceremonies: Baptisms, Blessings (relationships, homes, new careers, etc.), Holy Unions

Our Ministries

Many ministries (committees or teams) are available for you to choose from and take part and celebrate.  Do you like to visit people, spread the word, sing, or play an instrument?  Do you have any other special desire, gift, or talent?  At MCC Charleston you are free to use it to your heart's content.  Please view our list of ministries and see where you can fit in.  We love to have you!

Why Come to MCC Charleston?

Metropolitan Community Church of Charleston is a Christian Church.  We believe that MCC Charleston can minister to your spiritual needs because:

    * You will find our teachings deeply relevant to your life.
    * You are free to be who you are.
    * You wll have opportunities to receive basic instructions regarding why it is OK to be gay and a Christian.
    * At MCC Charleston you are free to worship comfortably with your partner or friends.
    * By joining us, you can help MCC Charleston fulfill its mission to share Good News of God's love for all.

What We Believe

    * We are a Christian church that embraces all the basic doctrines of Christianity.  We follow Jesus Christ and seek to encourage one another to love in accordance with Jesus' teachings.  Our denominational Statement of Faith is tied to the principles found in the Apostles' and Nicene creeds, which have served as basic creeds of the Christian faith since the early centuries.

    * We leave it to each individual to work out the details of the Christian faith in accordance with his or her interpretation of the Scriptures.  At MCC Charleston we seek to create an environment where each person is encouraged to explore the hard questions of faith without fear of criticism.

    * We are persuaded by Scripture that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people are beautiful creations of God, who are invited to live in communion with God on the same basis as all other people.

    * We are also persuaded that women should play an equal role in the church.  We are the only Christian denomination where women comprise more than half of all ordained clergy.

    * We believe that MCC Charleston is called to be a prophetic voice sharing the Gospel and advocation of justice for all, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, as well as women and minority groups.  We are committed to encouraging one another to live out the Christian faith from day to day in every aspect of our lives.

Some of Our Local History

MCC Charleston has been in existence since 1981, starting in an upstairs apartment in downtown Charleston.  From 1991 to 1999 the church outgrew several rented locations and moved to its present purchased location in April 1997.  As our church continues to minister in the greater Charleston area, we invite you to be a part of this exciting church with its 27-year history in Charleston.

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